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I’ve been busy working away on Baywatch over the last week and a half, making some really good progress along the way with it’s overhaul. Enough progress that I’ve split the content up into three updates so you’re not bombarded with it all at once. I just haven’t had time to do all the write ups yet. But that’s OK. The priority is getting the machine done. This update will focus on the sling shots, lower flippers and cleaning of the lower playfield area. The game is in real need of a clean – which is why it’s with me. The dirty playfield stands out and you can actually spot a small circular area at the base of the right sling shot mylar patch where I have wiped away the dirt (I was interested to see how easy it came up). A nice yellow can be seen – so I think this is going to clean up great!

Baywatch Pinball Repair
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Time for another progress update on the Whirlwind repair & service I’m currently carrying out. This time I’m looking at the apron and all the assemblies contained within. I managed to work through this area pretty quickly, which is why this update is so soon after the last one. I forgot to take a photo of the apron before starting, so the one shown below is from the day the machine was dropped off to me (you’ll notice the old flippers, rubber, etc which were taken care of in the last update). The apron itself is in really good condition. The paint is mostly unscratched and no rust showing or paint flaking. There is an old operator sticker that needs to come off on the left side and some old white sticker on the right which also needs to be removed. It’s a bit dirty, but with a clean, I think it’s going to come up really nice.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair
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It’s time for the second update on my repair and servicing of a SEGA X-Files pinball machine. Less repairs for this installment and mainly servicing what’s there. My focus for this update is to work through the remaining under playfield assemblies that need a service. X-Files is a bit thin on coil assemblies compared with other machines I’ve worked on recently. Outside of the flippers and slingshots, there are only 6 others to service (and three of those are pop bumpers). Once they’ve all been cleaned up, that will mean I’m ready to strip and clean the playfield. I’ll be starting with the slingshots. The assemblies are just like the ones I saw on my Date East Last Action Hero. They get a good work out during play, so have built up a nice layer of black dust around the plunger, link and coil sleeve.

X-Files Pinball Service
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It’s time to look at the last set of assemblies on the playfield that have not yet had my attention – the three pop bumpers. These guys get a decent work out in just about every game played on the machine, so their assemblies are crying out for a clean.

Last Action Hero Pinball
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One of the final assemblies to look at on my Last Action Hero is the drop target bank. Located on the left side of the playfield, it contains 5 targets, spelling the word crane. It’s use for the skill shot to begin each ball and also to activate the crane during the game. It gets a fair bit of use during play and I have no doubt can do with a clean.

Last Action Hero pinball
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