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Time for the final update on Corvette so I can get it back to its owner. At the end of the last update, I had removed everything from the pop bumper area and cleaned the playfield. The leaves just the upper left section of the playfield to strip and clean. This section is home to the engine. It’s an interesting feature as the engine revs during game play by rocking left and right. It’s used in a few different modes and also you can use the flipper buttons before launching the ball to have the game rev the engine. Beside the engine is also the 3 ball lock. It’s normally covered by a large plastic engine piece, but I had removed that weeks ago so I get the rails and ramps off the playfield.

Corvette Pinball Repair
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Progress on the Whirlwind service has been quite good so far and it’s cleaning up nicely. There have been a few small surprises along the way, but nothing scary or too troublesome. On the bright side, the surprises keep things interesting and is a constant reminder that no two machines are the same. There is always something different to solve, making it a rewarding feeling to work on each machine. I’ll continue to work my way up the playfield in this update, performing some general cleaning and servicing more assemblies along the way. The first one to receive attention in this update is the top right flipper.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair
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It’s time for the second update on my repair and servicing of a SEGA X-Files pinball machine. Less repairs for this installment and mainly servicing what’s there. My focus for this update is to work through the remaining under playfield assemblies that need a service. X-Files is a bit thin on coil assemblies compared with other machines I’ve worked on recently. Outside of the flippers and slingshots, there are only 6 others to service (and three of those are pop bumpers). Once they’ve all been cleaned up, that will mean I’m ready to strip and clean the playfield. I’ll be starting with the slingshots. The assemblies are just like the ones I saw on my Date East Last Action Hero. They get a good work out during play, so have built up a nice layer of black dust around the plunger, link and coil sleeve.

X-Files Pinball Service
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Following on from where my previous update finished, I want to get the remainder of the playfield components cleaned and installed once again. I got through a lot in the last update, with just the ramps, rails, crane and tar pit to go. First thing to look at in this update is the large clear ramp at the top of the playfield. It makes sense to get this on first, as the rest can then be installed around it. The ramp had been set aside a few days ago, waiting for it’s turn to be cleaned. There are a few things attached to it and I plan to remove and clean also. Thankfully the plastic has not broken and it simply needs a good clean.

Last Action Hero Pinball
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