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One of the first issues I noted with the pole position machine was the condition of the screen acrylic and it’s lack of proper artwork. I wanted to address this as a priority, but it has taken a little bit of time to get around to it. This was the state of it when I first picked it up:

Screen artwork start
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While doing some research for an upcoming project, I came across this helpful arcade machine cabinet identification chart a few weeks back, but completely lost/forgot the link.

After some searching again today, I found it again, so have it bookmarked. It’s worth sharing also.

It covers Taito, Bally / Midway, Atari, Namco, Stern, Williams and more. It’s not complete and there are a number of classic machines missing – but still, very useful 🙂

Each chart can be clicked on to view a larger version of also.

You can read more [here].

One game I have very fond memories of growing up with is the original Mortal Kombat. I never got the chance to play it at the arcades much, but did sink plenty of time into playing it on the Sega Master System, Mega Drive and Amiga 500. I recently came across an original arcade Midway Mortal Kombat 1 board set, with the sound board and couldn’t pass up the chance to buy it.

MK CPU board
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