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When my Black Knight arrived, I wondered how long the shield would last before issues kicked in. It’s a part of the machine that takes a real beating during play, so I’d expect it to wear out over time. I didn’t expect to experience issues on the second night of owning the game however. Part way through a game, I noticed the shield was no longer sitting correctly and was now on an angle.

Black Knight Sword Of Rage Unboxing
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There was a time where I would have weeks (often months) between pinball projects. Not any more though. As one machine goes out the door, the next one rolls right on in. This time it’s back-to-back SEGA’s with a Harley Davidson replacing the Apollo 13. The last SEGA game before Stern took over. It was released in 1999 and there ended up being 3 editions released. The first from SEGA, which Stern then continued once it took over. That was followed by 2 additional editions a few years later by Stern. The game powers up, but has a few issues to look at. It needs a really good clean, but that’s typical of most games that come my way. The main issue I’m concerned about is (seemingly) random resets, which I will get to shortly. It has some mechanical issues, but those won’t be a problem to sort out. Let’s get started!

Harley Davidson Pinball Repair
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Nugent Pinball Sale

I have my Nugent Pinball machine for sale. Released by Stern in 1978, this is an Australian machine (manufactured by LAI). It still has the 20c coin mechs fitted and I have the original 20c coin pricing plates to include with the game. It has a credit switch installed inside the coin door to easily add credits to the game too.

I’ve had the game since December 2013. Since then I’ve been through the entire machine, cleaning and rebuilding all assemblies (flippers, sling shots, pop bumpers, drop targets, etc). The playfield has been stripped and cleaned twice during that period, with new star posts, rubbers, bulbs, flipper bats, pop bumpers and drop target decals added. All displays are working and bright.

I have also installed clear lexan washers to protect plastics from breaking. The game also has a brand new CPR (Classic Playfield Reproductions) plastic set. The game plays great.

The cabinet is solid and in great condition. A printed copy of the manual is included.

Machine is located in Berwick, Victoria. Price is $2000AU.

For more information on the work I’ve done with this game while it’s been with me, view the posts here:

Please see photos below for game condition:
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Back for the second episode in the series covering my work on two Sopranos pinball machines. To kick off this episode, I wanted to sort out a missing piece from the keeper machine. On the right side of the playfield there should be a spot light attached just above the two targets. This was completely missing and so will need to be replaced.

Sopranos Pinball Service
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It’s been awhile since my last crap box purchase. I actually wasn’t keen on buying any more as I have built up a large amount of spare second hand parts that have come in handy for my pinball projects. This one however had a few very specific parts I wanted, so I couldn’t resist. At the cost of $12.50AUD, it was hard to go wrong. First up, the largest part here, was a coin door. It’s not in the best condition, but the coin entry and return face plates are in good condition and match those found on my Pinbot machine. This could be useful for parts in the future.

Pinball spare parts
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