Wonderboy Scores

Highscores set in Wonderboy

This is a very very belated post – although I will back date it to October last year (2011) when it occurred.

Several times in the same week, I finally broke the 1 million point barrier on Wonderboy.

Current best score (MAME) – 1,052,060.

I have since stopped playing the MAME version now that I have my cab running with an original Wonderboy PCB running. All future wonderboy scores will be posted based on original hardware 🙂

A little late with this post given the scores are from mid July – but – July saw my Wonderboy scoring break the 700K barrier.

There will be some more scores posted shortly from early August 🙂 I have also started analysing points per levels and deaths per level to highlight where I am losing ground and where deaths are most costly (score wise). This information goes into a spreadsheet with a pretty graph to show progress. I will post a picture of that also at some point to better highlight.

Not too long ago, I set about submitting some scores to Twin Galaxies. I recently found they were accepted. The games – Wonderboy (Sega Master System) and … Wonderboy – Wii Virtual Console (Sega Master System).

The scores give a more reasonable score for people to aim at, although there is plenty of room for improvement. The 500K on the virtual console was actually a personal best, which I was really happy with. When I get some more time, I plan to keep at it and submit some even higher Wonderboy scores for those platforms.

It was an interesting experience putting it together. First recording the sessions, then transferring to the computer and then creating an actual DVD of the gameplay.

Sega Master System – Wonderboy – PAL – Points

Wii Virtual Console – Wonderboy – Points

With some practice over lunch break in the last month, my Wonderboy scores have continued to increase. I generally only manage 1 proper game per day, but am now in the 490K – 510K range pretty consistently. Once I manage to get my new cabinet built, and the Wonderboy PCB installed, I expect to start pushing 750K+ in no time.

My current goal is to break 1,000,000. From there, I should be able to mount a serious challenge on the current Twin Galaxies top score 🙂