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Having worked through the lower and middle sections of the Apollo 13 playfield in previous updates, it’s time to turn my attention to the upper section. There aren’t that many assemblies to get through, but quite a lot of parts to remove, clean and then install again. So it’s still a time consuming process. My first area of interest in this update will be the pop bumpers. But before I can get there, I have a few things to remove. In previous updates I had already removed a couple of the blue rails, but now it’s time to remove the rest so I can get to the pop bumpers.

Apollo 13 Pinball Repair
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With my holidays just about over, I was keen to complete the last steps of the new side art for X-Files and have the game back online before I returned to work. In the last update, the big tasks were done and it was now a matter of getting everything back onto the cabinet and have the game running. With the cabinet still inside, I installed the side rails, headbox support brackets and buttons next.

X Files Pinball Decals
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I am forever tweaking, adjusting, tuning and upgrading my machines. Some updates are minor, such as a new shooter rod or ramp. While others, like new decals, are much bigger 🙂 It’s X-Files turn to receive some attention. Applying new decals on my X-Files has been on my to do list for at least 12 months now and after organising a new set in November, it was time to get them installed. These are a reproduction and although close, are not 100% accurate. They’re pretty damn good though.

X-Files Pinball New Decals
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Back for the second episode in the series covering my work on two Sopranos pinball machines. To kick off this episode, I wanted to sort out a missing piece from the keeper machine. On the right side of the playfield there should be a spot light attached just above the two targets. This was completely missing and so will need to be replaced.

Sopranos Pinball Service
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It’s update time again! Returning with part six of the repair and service I’m performing on a Williams Whirlwind machine. The updates have been fairly regular, which is great as it means progress has been pretty smooth. I’ve had a few hold ups while waiting for parts, but that’s about all. In my last update I finished off servicing the remaining assemblies on the machine. In this update, I’ll focus on getting the remaining bits back onto the playfield to get the game into a playable state! I’m really looking forward to seeing how it performs once the final pieces are cleaned and the playfield is back together. I suspect I will make a few minor switch tweaks around the sling shots and pop bumpers to get them in a sweet spot sensitivity wise – time will tell. To begin this update though, the replacement plastic pieces I ordered from Pinball Center arrived. They have a clear protective layer on top, which is why they look a little dull.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair
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