Website news and general updates

Over the last two weeks I’ve been waiting on the arrival of a parts order from Marcospec so I can continue on with my work on Funhouse. The upside to the wait is it allows me to get more done on my BoP 2.0 until that arrives. This update will be focusing mainly on the lower playfield area, with a few extra things thrown in. So assemblies like the flippers and sling shots will be rebuilt. The playfield area will also be cleaned up and any metal parts like the ball guides and mini posts will head to the tumbler. I have coloured Titan rubbers to install and also LED’s from Pinball Life. Let’s get started.

Bride of Pinbot 2.0 Repair
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I have now set up a page on Facebook for EnterYourInitials. I will be putting up links to most of the content here on my blog, along with some specific Pinball related posts that will be exclusive to the Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account and are interested in following along, click the link and press Like 🙂

Two switch issue have crept into Pinbot over the last few months and I wanted to take a look at them. The first relates to the ramp switch, which lets the game know if the ramp is up or down. When the ramp is down, the switch should be activated. There are two coils which control the state of the ramp and if the switch is in the wrong state, the game will continually try and activate a coil. This was the behavior I was seeing. The ramp would be down, but the coil would continue to fire.

Pinbot Pinball
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Today I’ve transitioned between hosting providers and decided to use this as an opportunity to shift the content across to a new domain name. I will slowly be bringing across all the work posted on my old site ( and adding all future posts here. The old site will go down for a few days, but I will bring it back up and continue to host the same content and image files there so people can access them in many of the random forum threads I’ve posted in and linked to over the last few years. No additional content will be added there however.