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Time for another installment on the progress so far.

This time, I’ll be focusing on the lower play field. I’m working my way up the play field – from the apron (which I covered in previous posts, all the way up tp tje top). This allows me to focus on specific areas and assemblies and then test them once they have been serviced. It also helps stop feeling overwhelmed with everything still to do.

The lower play field is quite dirty. Mylar covers some sections, while others either have chunks taken out of it (or it was removed by a previous owner). When it was removed you can see some damage that was done to multiplier and bonus inserts 🙁

I needed to service the slingshots, so figured that while I was doing that, I could also remove the remaining mylar and give the play field a much needed clean. Before I’m done with the machine I plan to give the play field a solid wax too. Doing the play field in stages will mean more work in the future as I’ll have to remove everything to clean and wax it, but I’ll live with that.

Fireball lower playfield
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My work on the Arkanoid arcade machine has been cancelled. I’ve moved on to pinball, so will not be building any more arcade machines for awhile. Instead, i’ll be restoring Pinball machines 🙂 Since the original Arkanoid post, I fixed up the wiring for the power and game harness. The board has now been moved onto a new home – so hopefully it will live again inside a new machine 🙂

My Fireball machine came with 1 orange button and 1 yellow button. Both very old and dirty, so needed to be replaced. I wanted to swap them out with new red buttons (to match the red credit lamp and red t-moulding). Brand new flipper switches were installed, along with the buttons. I had a bit of an issue tracking down the correct size buttons.

Fireball classic buttons
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Still working my way through the assemblies located under the apron. This time I’ll be focusing on the ball trough and ball eject assemblies. I also need to sort out an issue with the ball trough where the ball bounces back down into the drain hole.

First up though, time to pull the ball trough apart and give it a really good clean. Even at a first glance, you can see how much dirt has built up.

Fireball ball trough

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