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Still working my way through the assemblies located under the apron. This time I’ll be focusing on the ball trough and ball eject assemblies. I also need to sort out an issue with the ball trough where the ball bounces back down into the drain hole.

First up though, time to pull the ball trough apart and give it a really good clean. Even at a first glance, you can see how much dirt has built up.

Fireball ball trough

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The first issue I wanted to look at was the lack of sound. Although I could play a game on the machine, I got no sound at all in most cases. When I could hear sound it was very very quiet or distorted.

I went into maintenance mode using the switch inside the coin door and to the sound test mode. I couldn’t hear anything.

There is a volume control inside the coin door which I adjusted. Again no sound.

Next up I wanted to check the plugs and sound board in the head box.

Fireball classic cheap squeak
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After doing some work on my Nugent yesterday, the game play had some scoring issues. The game would start fine, but the moment the ball was in play, I was being awarded many more points than I should have been. Further to that, certain targets failed to register and some roll overs would cause the lights to flicker.

I took the glass off, started a new game and hit each target with my finger. I narrowed the issue down to the three roll overs at the top of the play field and the static target. All other targets and roll overs were functioning fine.

I then put the game into test mode and found that switch #4 was stuck. Looking at the Nugent manual. Switch #4 was the left and right roll overs at the top of the play field. Ok, so getting somewhere.
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