All posts for the month August, 2011

It’s been a few weeks since my last update. I’ve been getting small chunks of time here and there and progressing.

First on the to do list was cut the slot for the t molding. Thanks to a friend and the loan of his router bit, it was easy done. After making a few attempts on some scrap to get the right height, I attacked the side panels and got the groove cut in no time.

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Work has continued on construction over the last week and a half – although a little slower than I had hoped.

Firstly, I’ve cut out
– speaker hole below the marquee
– IEC switch hole at the back
– passive vent holes on the rear door
– coin door in front panel

I have some vented handles in the mail from Mikes Arcade, which will hopefully arrive in the next few days – so I will revisit the rear door once those arrive and cut out some holes for those too. All these cuts were done after assembly last time – and that was a mistake. Much easier to cut before assembly 🙂

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A little late with this post given the scores are from mid July – but – July saw my Wonderboy scoring break the 700K barrier.

There will be some more scores posted shortly from early August 🙂 I have also started analysing points per levels and deaths per level to highlight where I am losing ground and where deaths are most costly (score wise). This information goes into a spreadsheet with a pretty graph to show progress. I will post a picture of that also at some point to better highlight.