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It’s been awhile since my last update on my Pole Position cockpit restoration. With some Christmas holidays on my side, I decided to start working towards completion. Over the last few months I had been gathering the last bits I needed to complete the project. The artwork arrived, the paint was purchased and a few minor parts were sourced. There was still quite a bit to do on the machine, so I decided to split the remaining work into two sections – basically the front half and back half of the cockpit.

To start with, I decided to focus on the back half of the cockpit and get that 100% complete.

The first step was to fix up the broken corners on both side panels. These had broken off at some point in the past – maybe by vandals, maybe just from movement between owners or locations. Anyway, some builders bog came in handy here to redo the curved corner. Once it had set, I used the router to cut a new t moulding slot (not shown).

Broken corner fixed
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With today being a public holiday (Australia Day), I decided to spend an hour in the garage cutting some holes out for the handles and coin door.

I had been debating with myself about the value of handles on each side of the cocktail. In the end I figured they would be useful for moving it around (since there will be no wheels). I like that it will also mean people won’t need to lift the cocktail by the top panel, and instead just use the handles which should avoid any stress on the table top panel.

The handles are a vented set – I used the same ones on the door of my pac man cab – so will add some passive ventilation. They are also set into the panel itself, meaning there is nothing sticking out. The black colour will also fit in well with the DK theme.

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It’s been a few weeks since my last update. I’ve been getting small chunks of time here and there and progressing.

First on the to do list was cut the slot for the t molding. Thanks to a friend and the loan of his router bit, it was easy done. After making a few attempts on some scrap to get the right height, I attacked the side panels and got the groove cut in no time.

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Work has continued on construction over the last week and a half – although a little slower than I had hoped.

Firstly, I’ve cut out
– speaker hole below the marquee
– IEC switch hole at the back
– passive vent holes on the rear door
– coin door in front panel

I have some vented handles in the mail from Mikes Arcade, which will hopefully arrive in the next few days – so I will revisit the rear door once those arrive and cut out some holes for those too. All these cuts were done after assembly last time – and that was a mistake. Much easier to cut before assembly 🙂

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