All posts for the month June, 2012

It’s been a good few weeks on the cocktail cab project. As always, managing an hour here, 30 minutes there to keep moving it all along. I have spent time painting the monitor frame and table top panel over the last few weeks – a slow process when you can only get 1 coat in per day.

Firstly, there was a set back with the monitor. Originally I wanted to use a CRT PC monitor, but sizing issues and reliability issues meant I decided to switch to a 15″ LCD monitor. It also lightens the cab by a few KG’s which will be good when it comes time to ship it off 🙂

The first thing that went on since the last update was the coin door, along with it the coin mech, coin catcher and coin counter. Just to the left of the door (inside) sits the service and test switches. These have all been wired up and tested.

The power board and switcher were also installed.

The speaker went in and was wired up, along with the game board and JAMMA harness. I spent time also tiding up the cabling.

The player 1 control panel has also been installed and wired up.

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