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The control panels were next to be done. As with my previous projects, I decided to put a layer of acrylic over the artwork to help keep it clean and extend its lifespan. Plus I think it gives a nice finish to the control panels. As you can see with the P1 and P2 start buttons, I went with different buttons to ensure everything fit and was not overcrowded on the right.

I also extended to the top of the control panel to allow for a strip of t moulding to sit at the end (as I did with my Donkey Kong cocktail) which should give it a nice finish. Note: I still need to add the t moulding to the control panel front and sides – just waiting on it arriving. I’ve ordered both light blue and light green (Galaxian) and will see which one looks best.

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This project was completed about a month ago and i’ve been a little slack in getting the posts up for it. But here they are – Project #4.

After a bit of a break from building machines, I was recently contacted about building a new cocktail cabinet. I had hopped to do a space invaders or frogger cocktail next, but this request was for multigame style artwork – so that’s what this will be.

After some investigation into artwork and what the new owner wanted, I ended up settling on this model:

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