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Following on from my previous update, it’s now time to get everything else back onto the playfield. The plastics are being cleaned and polished as I go. I started out with the sling shots and then began moving up the playfield. As part of the first pass I also reinstalled some of the clean plastic pieces towards the top of the playfield, along with the plastic around the bonus kicker. All new rubber is going on, along with new white star posts.

Bally Mariner Pinball
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It’s Mariner update time again and this for this post I’ll be starting out with some small stuff and then moving onto larger, more interesting things. I’m really looking forward to getting the machine into a state where it’s read for play. That’s still a little while off yet, but I am getting there 🙂 To begin this update, I wanted to look at the two small roll over buttons in the lower third of the playfield. These two buttons control the post down feature.

Mariner Pinball
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