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Last week I went back to AB Plastics to get a new quote on some perspex or acrylic to use for the marquee, screen and control panel. The new quote was much better (given the correct dimensions ;). I decided to go with them as I felt they were reasonably priced and the guys there were very easy to deal with.

– The two pieces for the marquee were $10 each (3mm thick) – so $20 total.
– The screen was $35 (4.5mm thick).
– The control panel protection was $12 (3mm thick).
– Labour was $20 (mostly to get the bend in the control panel).

The guys there were great to deal with and cut the lot while I waited. I can highly recommend them if you are looking to get some perspex or acrylic cut for your cab.

AB Plastics
3 Carl Court
Hallam, Victoria

Phone: 03-9796-4030

I started out day 3 by giving the outside some paint attention. The first coat was very light, but the second coat started to give some good results. There is plenty of paint, so I have a feeling I will end up doing 3 or 4 coats to give it a nice finish. For the moment, the sides are not going to be painted until I’m 100% happy with the position of the monitor.

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I decided to spend some time painting at night since it was holding progress up. The inside of the cab was given two coats and the outside a single coat of primer. Painting was done with brush and roller, although next time I will investigate spraying / blasting it for better results. The inside is a flat white – gives it a nice ‘clean’ feeling 🙂

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I came into Day 2 excited after the great progress that was made on Day 1. We didnt get as much done as I had hoped, but I think that’s mainly due to the stage we are at. Time seems to fly while doing this, but at least we continued to move forward. Starting the day out, I installed the IEC switch at the back, along with the filter. A rectangular shaped cover was made for the power wiring, that will enclose it and protect anyone leaning into the cab (should they do so with the power on).

A coin door was also cut – although I think we will need to use some of the offcuts to cut a better door for the cab. I plan to use MDF, covered in some contact I had originally planned for the control panel. The door will feature a coin mech and lock. On the inside it will also have a counter and a tray to catch coins. This should feature in day 3’s work.

Coin door cut
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