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My planned “big project” for these Christmas holidays was to be the playfield swap on Pinbot. That’s been put aside for now to focus on another project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – build my own skate ramp for use in the backyard. Around 7 or 8 years ago I would spend a lot of time going to different skate parts and spots around Melbourne with my inline skates. I always dreamed of having my own ramp or ledge to skate on. Now I have kids and they are of an age where skateboarding (and rollerblading) is in their scope of interest – so it’s a great excuse to build the ramp I always wanted. My kids will love it and I’ll love it even more. I had a few reminders this year of how short life is, so enough putting it off – time to build a ramp and enjoy it. I started out by doing some research into just what sort of ramp I’d like to have and found plans for this:

Skate ramp
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With all the globes on the playfield replaced in a previous update, it was time to give the same treatment to the headbox globes. While most were still working (these will be put aside as spares), I like to swap all the globes over when I get a machine. Maybe a bit of overkill, but I at least then know how old they are. Same goes for the rubbers, ball and batteries (not required here obviously). First step was to get the backglass out. Inside the top panel of the headbox are two metal leavers which you pull out – this then allows the backglass to be lifted.

Mariner Pinball
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For Sale – “Counterforce” by Gottlieb. Released in 1980 and is part of their “Star80” widebody series.

The machine has been completely rebuilt, with all assemblies dismantled, cleaned and worn parts replaced. Many new parts installed on the playfield to make it look as close to new as possible. Gameplay is similar to Missile Command and Space Invaders in the Arcade. Hit the 7 bank of targets to destroy incoming missiles and protect your bases (which are your score multipliers).

Counterforce pinball sale
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