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This is a very very belated post – although I will back date it to October last year (2011) when it occurred.

Several times in the same week, I finally broke the 1 million point barrier on Wonderboy.

Current best score (MAME) – 1,052,060.

I have since stopped playing the MAME version now that I have my cab running with an original Wonderboy PCB running. All future wonderboy scores will be posted based on original hardware 🙂

Another minor update, mainly because there just isnt much left to do on the cab. All the exciting stuff is done and it’s now really just about wrapping it up and sorting out any final issues.

The main new thing to show off is the coin door attached. I decided to go with doing a similar coin door to my last cab, this time using smaller aluminium angle, and I like the effect better. Originally I planned to purchase a full complete coin door, similiar to the original pac man cab, but it was going to be too costly to get something of a decent size. After stuffing around with getting the hinge attached correctly to the door and then the cab frame, not to mention having the door complete, only to find it was 2mm too big and had to be scraped and started again – I will outlay the cash next time – it was more trouble than it was worth.

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Another minor update.

I got the acrylic from AB Plastics – the same place I went with on my last cab. My experience this time was not as positive. I let them have the control panel itself to get a good idea of the bend required for the acrylic overlay and try to get the measurements as close as possible. What I got back was damaged artwork as they bent the hot acrylic over it. I also decided to spend a little extra at the time and get them to cut all the holes for me, saving me a few nights worth of work. Several holes were not cut correctly, and the ones on the front panel (P1, P2 start and 4 bolt holes) did not line up correctly. I was able to fix it myself with some small files, but honestly, I’ve paid extra for the labor, I expect the job to be done correctly.

With the fixed up acrylic overlay, I set up the control panel:

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