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When I first opened the back of the machine, this is the sight I was greeted with:


A number of things bothered me:
1) The bottom left corner of the game board was physically resting on top of the switcher. This has actually left some marks across the top of the switcher and some discolouration on the side of the pcb.
2) The middle of the PCB is physically resting on top of the fuse switch. Not a big deal but I don’t like the fact the PCB is actually resting on components of the machine.
3) The pcb isn’t sitting properly due to a makeshift foot (see the top right pcb foot), which leaves it on an angle.
4) Loose power cable hanging across the PCB
5) The frame holding the PCB in place is attached to the base of the monitor panel. While the pcb itself doesn’t have much weight (and any it does have is currently resting on the switcher) I want to reposition it so it’s away from the monitor and not in the way of everything. There is no way to access the speakers, coin mech or steering wheel with this set up.
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Another minor update, mainly because there just isnt much left to do on the cab. All the exciting stuff is done and it’s now really just about wrapping it up and sorting out any final issues.

The main new thing to show off is the coin door attached. I decided to go with doing a similar coin door to my last cab, this time using smaller aluminium angle, and I like the effect better. Originally I planned to purchase a full complete coin door, similiar to the original pac man cab, but it was going to be too costly to get something of a decent size. After stuffing around with getting the hinge attached correctly to the door and then the cab frame, not to mention having the door complete, only to find it was 2mm too big and had to be scraped and started again – I will outlay the cash next time – it was more trouble than it was worth.

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