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There is rarely a dull moment in owning pinball machines as there’s always something that needs fixing or adjusting. A small fault was recently noticed in my Pinbot machine, where the left out lane switch would not register when the ball rolled over it. It was a quick and easy fix, but wanted to cover it for future readers anyway. First up, I put the game into test mode and activated the switch with my finger – as expected, the switch did not register. I then manually tested other switches around the playfield. Interestingly, the left in lane switch also did not register. Other switches were fine though. So two were switches (right beside each other) were misbehaving.
Pinbot pinball repair
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I can’t believe it’s almost been 4 and a half years since I completed my custom fight stick project. I haven’t used it any where near as much as I anticipated I would. Mainly because at the time it was built, I was working for a game development company and we would often play Street Fighter (or FIFA & PES) during lunch and after hours. But I moved on and solo fighting wasn’t nearly as fun. But towards the end of 2016, I began to get back into playing fighters again. This time though, my main platform is Playstation 4 (no longer PS3 & X360). The Dual Strike 2 board I used in this fight stick was compatible with PS3, Xbox360 and PC – which isn’t much help to me now I’ve moved on to PS4. It’s time to “upgrade” my fight stick to make it PS4 compatible.

PS4 Fight stick
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