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General game development

The first Gideros sample is a direct port of my Corona plasma sample (which was a port of some old assembly code from years gone by).

There is minimal code difference between the corona and gideros plasma samples. In corona you can set the colour of each tile, while in gideros you apply the colour transform.

You can download the full source here: [Download]

Something a bit different for the 11th instalment in my corona samples series – XML parsing. I’ve turned my focus onto developing a game lately, and have been playing around with the Lime engine. There are some aspects of it I’m not happy with, so began rewriting it. One part (which isn’t really part of Lime) is the XML parsing. When it loads a .tmx file, it parses the lot in one hit. It’s not too slow, but there is a noticeable pause when loading, parsing and then generating the level. I’m building a new engine, based off Lime, that will allow asynchronous loading and level generation – meaning it’s possible to have a loading bar, animation, audio, etc going at the same time.

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Around 10 years ago now, I spent some time teaching myself assembly language on the Gameboy Advance Console (ARM7). I had spent time writing assembly on the C64, so was no stranger to getting into ASM. While I was learning to work with the gameboy advance hardware, I produced a number of small samples to help beginners with some of the basics. I came across these the other day, so decided to add them for download here. They are still hosted elsewhere on the net, but might as well make them available myself 🙂

Note: I used the Boycott Advance emulator, which can still be found on the net for download.

Additional Note: Digital Inline Productions was a name I was releasing my source under at the time. The name didn’t last long 🙂

This set of samples includes things like setting up different video modes, parallax scrolling, sprites, fonts, a plasma demo effect and a few other things. You can download the source here: [Download]

The assembler I used back then was goldroad, which I also have available for download here: [Download]