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Around 10 years ago now, I spent some time teaching myself assembly language on the Gameboy Advance Console (ARM7). I had spent time writing assembly on the C64, so was no stranger to getting into ASM. While I was learning to work with the gameboy advance hardware, I produced a number of small samples to help beginners with some of the basics. I came across these the other day, so decided to add them for download here. They are still hosted elsewhere on the net, but might as well make them available myself 🙂

Note: I used the Boycott Advance emulator, which can still be found on the net for download.

Additional Note: Digital Inline Productions was a name I was releasing my source under at the time. The name didn’t last long 🙂

This set of samples includes things like setting up different video modes, parallax scrolling, sprites, fonts, a plasma demo effect and a few other things. You can download the source here: [Download]

The assembler I used back then was goldroad, which I also have available for download here: [Download]