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It’s been a busy 2 weeks on the cocktail cab. First up was a pair of control panels – for player 1 and 2. Note the strip of white t molding at the front of the control panel also (the picture doesn’t really show it) – keeping in line with the upright cab version. Also – yes – the orange jump button is missing – I’m currently sourcing two.

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Work on the cab has been a little slow of late. Lack of time, and at a stage where it’s mostly planning what next and how to achieve some things. But this weekend was very fruitful.

My first task was to get both control panels constructed and ready to attach to the cab (along with painting, applying artwork, etc). This was quite easy and just a copy of the first one.

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Over the last two weeks, I’ve slowing started getting the control panels together. First up was getting them sized – I used the dimensions of the artwork as a starting point and cut up some MDF to match. Next was getting the button holes cut out, along with some small holes for the bolts.

Because both control panels are the same, it was easy to mark everything out on the first panel, clamp both together and then drill the guide holes. Once the was done, I could separate and work on each one individually.

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