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Nugent Pinball Sale

I have my Nugent Pinball machine for sale. Released by Stern in 1978, this is an Australian machine (manufactured by LAI). It still has the 20c coin mechs fitted and I have the original 20c coin pricing plates to include with the game. It has a credit switch installed inside the coin door to easily add credits to the game too.

I’ve had the game since December 2013. Since then I’ve been through the entire machine, cleaning and rebuilding all assemblies (flippers, sling shots, pop bumpers, drop targets, etc). The playfield has been stripped and cleaned twice during that period, with new star posts, rubbers, bulbs, flipper bats, pop bumpers and drop target decals added. All displays are working and bright.

I have also installed clear lexan washers to protect plastics from breaking. The game also has a brand new CPR (Classic Playfield Reproductions) plastic set. The game plays great.

The cabinet is solid and in great condition. A printed copy of the manual is included.

Machine is located in Berwick, Victoria. Price is $2000AU.

For more information on the work I’ve done with this game while it’s been with me, view the posts here:

Please see photos below for game condition:
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For Sale: Bally Mariner – 1971

I’m reluctantly putting my Mariner up for sale.

A 4 player EM made by Bally in late 1971. The machine has been fully serviced (link included below to my repair/service thread). The game is in full working condition and has been set to free play. I’ve included photos below and more can be found in my service thread. I can also provide more if required, just ask.

Included in the sale is a copy of the schematics, purchased from Pinball resource.

Inspection is certainly welcomed. The game is located in Berwick, Victoria.

For more general information on the machine, have a look at the entry on IPDB:

Price is $1350.

Mariner Pinball
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For Sale – “Counterforce” by Gottlieb. Released in 1980 and is part of their “Star80” widebody series.

The machine has been completely rebuilt, with all assemblies dismantled, cleaned and worn parts replaced. Many new parts installed on the playfield to make it look as close to new as possible. Gameplay is similar to Missile Command and Space Invaders in the Arcade. Hit the 7 bank of targets to destroy incoming missiles and protect your bases (which are your score multipliers).

Counterforce pinball sale
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For sale is my “Fireball Classic” pinball machine.

Machine is now sold

Fireball Classic

Released by Bally in 1984. I purchased this machine just over 18 months ago. It has been fully rebuilt since by myself, meaning each assembly on the game has been pulled apart, cleaned, worn / broken parts replaced and put back together.
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