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It’s time for the third installment on the Batman Forever rebuild. I’ve been a little slower than I’d like getting this update posted, but it’s been a busy time of year (and getting busier as we race towards Christmas). Having worked through the lower playfield areas in previous updates, I’m now going to focus on the middle playfield sections. This area is home to an upper flipper, some stand up targets and also a 4 bank of drop targets. There is an orbit shot which I want to remove the parts from and clean too as the rails are attached under some of the middle playfield plastics – so it’s easier to deal with that now than have to remove plastics again to remove the orbit rails at a later time. To start with though, I’ll need to remove various rails and ramps to get access to the playfield parts below. I’ll start with the right side.

Batman Forever Pinball Repair
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Having worked through the lower and middle sections of the Apollo 13 playfield in previous updates, it’s time to turn my attention to the upper section. There aren’t that many assemblies to get through, but quite a lot of parts to remove, clean and then install again. So it’s still a time consuming process. My first area of interest in this update will be the pop bumpers. But before I can get there, I have a few things to remove. In previous updates I had already removed a couple of the blue rails, but now it’s time to remove the rest so I can get to the pop bumpers.

Apollo 13 Pinball Repair
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It’s Mariner update time again and this for this post I’ll be starting out with some small stuff and then moving onto larger, more interesting things. I’m really looking forward to getting the machine into a state where it’s read for play. That’s still a little while off yet, but I am getting there 🙂 To begin this update, I wanted to look at the two small roll over buttons in the lower third of the playfield. These two buttons control the post down feature.

Mariner Pinball
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The progress is going really well right now on Counterforce and these updates are coming faster than I had expected. My plan was to focus on one set of the flippers for this update, but that got pushed back so I could complete a few other things off first. In recent updates I’ve had my attention at a few sections around the playfield with sling shots and targets. This update will focus on the remaining targets and also the bonus saucer. Next update will be the flippers 🙂 The first part of the update will look at the small target and switch located above the left (upper) flipper. The plastic here is broken in two points.

Counterforce Pinball
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There is quite a bit of work to be done in the top area. Two saucers, an upper ramp section, pop bumpers, messenger ball, gates, mylar and a few plastics. I decided to work on the right side of the play field first, and then work back around to the left. I’m waiting on parts for the pop bumpers to arrive before I can properly service them, so i’ll be skipping them for now.

First up is the ball saucers, which allows you to trap a ball. There are two on the play field, one on each side – which allows for a 3 ball multiball during game play.

Fireball saucer
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