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Time for a quick update on the Batman Forever progress. For this post, I’ll be focusing just on the assemblies and parts that form the playfield area. In general the area is in pretty good shape. There are a couple of small mylar patches below where the ball exits the return rails that have helped protect against playfield damage where the ball lands. The playfield condition in the area is really nice, with a only few marks around the insert edges – but nothing anyone should worry about. The playfield surface needs a clean though to remove a layer of filth that has formed over the years. It’s not immediately visible to the eye, but when you run your fingers over the surface, you can feel it. The right slingshot has a small chip broken off the lower corner of the plastic, and the colours have faded somewhat on the left piece – but they are otherwise fine. Alright, let’s get to it.

Batman Forever Pinball Repair
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I had planned to begin this update with a really bad pun, but I’ll save you the anguish and get straight in to the good content! This update will be focusing on the assemblies in the lower section of playfield, along with cleaning up the drop target areas. I’ll also the look at the upper orbit shot as some screws that attach the metal rail to the playfield live under plastics in the mid section – so easier to do that all now in one go. The game has been played a lot over the years, with broken plastics across most areas of the playfield. The sling shot and return lane plastics are cracked or missing a few pieces. The bikes are still in one piece though, which is good news.

Harley Davidson Pinball Repair
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Progress on Dr Who this week moved along really smoothly. Some weeks are like that, where everything comes together easily (which is a great counter to those weeks where nothing goes well at all). I wanted to start this update by giving the coin door a face lift. The coin door has metal panels over the three coin slots which will need to be removed. Because they are pop riveted to the door, I will need to drill them out and fill the holes. Overall the coin door isn’t in terrible condition, but has the usual scrapes and scratches from age. Replacing the old foreign pricing cards on the coin slots is on my to do list too. I spotted that the launch button isn’t correct. Notice the two small holes (one above, one below) the red button – there should be a larger button that slots in to them and so this needs to be replaced.

Dr Who Pinball Repair
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Now I feel like i’m getting back into the swing of pin updates 🙂 Progress on the Funhouse has been moving along smoothly this week, so I am keen to get another post up. For this update, I wanted to focus on the lower playfield area. In general, everything just needs a really good clean, although the sling shot plastics will be replaced. Some of the screws used on the clear posts are not correct and these will be replaced too. All up though, it’s a solid base to start with.

Funhouse Pinball
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After my last two updates, X-Files is already starting to play better and I’m happy with how the machine has progressed so far. While waiting for a couple of parts to arrive, I decided to get a few smaller things done around the machine. The filing cabinet has two globes pointed directly at it, with lamp shades attached to the socket. These act as spot lights during play and light the cabinet up. The one on the left was missing the lamp shade (also called a reflector).

X-Files Pinball Service
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