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Progress on Dr Who this week moved along really smoothly. Some weeks are like that, where everything comes together easily (which is a great counter to those weeks where nothing goes well at all). I wanted to start this update by giving the coin door a face lift. The coin door has metal panels over the three coin slots which will need to be removed. Because they are pop riveted to the door, I will need to drill them out and fill the holes. Overall the coin door isn’t in terrible condition, but has the usual scrapes and scratches from age. Replacing the old foreign pricing cards on the coin slots is on my to do list too. I spotted that the launch button isn’t correct. Notice the two small holes (one above, one below) the red button – there should be a larger button that slots in to them and so this needs to be replaced.

Dr Who Pinball Repair
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Recently, a new machine entered my line up – X-Files. Release by SEGA in 1997 with 1500 made, it’s the most modern machine to enter my pinball fleet. As you know by now, I’m not one to just get a machine in and play it. There’s always work to be done cleaning, fixing and tuning my machines. This one is no different and I’ll be working my way through the machine in typical fashion for a full service.

XFiles Pinball Servicing
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Time to wrap up my work on Pinbot with a few small tasks. Recently I put together a small kit for my LAH machine which added back lit flipper buttons and thought I’d do the same for Pinbot. The whole space / robot theme should suit it nicely. I already had transparent red buttons on the machine, so I purchased a transparent blue flipper button for the left side (to go with the red / blue theme), some long neck LEDs and went through my spare parts to put together the rest of the kit to install.

Pinbot Pinball Restoration
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Normally, the new machines I bring home are projects and need a thorough service before even thinking about putting some play into them. This time it’s a bit different. I purchased my first DMD game “Last Action Hero” which was released by Data East in 1993 and it’s in fully working condition. There are a couple of cosmetic issues I want/need to look at, but nothing that’s preventing the game from being played. I still plan to give the machine a going over and inspect each assembly as I like my machines running as optimally as possible. Plus I can’t help myself, I love working on them.

Last Action Hero Pinball
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Time to report in with the progress made on servicing the Mariner. It’s a been a little slow lately with other things taking priority, but I’m getting back into the swing of it now. First on the hit list for this update is the shooter rod. It’s in dire need of a clean as the rod sticks when pulled back, preventing it from returning to it’s normal position and applying any force to the ball. I’m keen to reuse as many of the parts as possible after servicing it since I’m not performing a restore. It doesn’t have to look “as new” since the cabinet is not being repainted – I’ll be happy with it cleaned and operating correctly.

Bally Mariner Pinball
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