2 comments on “Pinbot – Backlit flipper buttons, new legs and Headbox LEDS – project complete

  1. Hi – looks like you’ve done a fabulous job!

    I’ve got a PinBot myself and its now fully functional after a few PCB issues / repairs etc.

    However, when I first got it the Topper was missing, I since purchased an original Topper plastic (the red tube – without a base) but I don’t have any idea where to buy the harness connector which plugs into the connector in the head unit (which is thee along with the small driver PCB) – and wondered if you might know where I could look to get one? – I really don’t want to chop the original connector off and put a ‘generic’ one in its place to interface with the lighting harness for the topper (which I’ve actually yet to build!).

    Also, daft question – but how on earth does one remove the light build from the three poppers? I thought maybe just pull up – but I’ve tried – really hard – but they just won’t budge!!!! – help.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Colin,

      I’m not sure on the exact connector type or part number, sorry. It would be great to keep the original, but it’s probably easier to build your topper globe harness and get a new connector.

      If your pop bumpers are using the bayonet style globes, they should twist about 45 degrees and then pull out. The bayonet globes have two small feet at the base and these need to line up with the openings on the globe socket before you can pull them out.



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