6 comments on “X-Files – Repair & Service Log #1

  1. This was extremely informative thank you! I recently purchased this machine and I know I will have to learn quite a bit about it.

  2. I too just picked up an X Files and the pictures and info you posted are very helpful… I’ll start the cleanup process soon and will reference your information while doing so. Thanks

  3. Hi guys I’m new to pinball. I picked up my X- files today and found I had a few LED issues. One was the bumper Led that is tightly under the ramp? How do I replace it?

    • If you’re referring to the LED / Lamp that sits inside one of the 3 pop bumpers, the only way to get access to it is to remove the ramp. The socket sits inside the pop bumper body and can’t be accessed from under the playfield. It’s always worth checking under the playfield first to make sure the lamp wiring is actually connected and hasn’t come loose. That would be a much quicker and simpler fix. Other lamps for the inserts and G.I are easier to replace as you can access them from under the playfield without too much trouble.

  4. Hello…Had my x files machine for about a year with no problems.One day i turned it on and seemed ok….until i hit start.When it came up to choose mulder or scully….it was like it was already in play mode like i was hitting file cabinet.(stuck?)Then would go into multiball mode.It would do this after every ball once it added things up from previous ball.Like something is stuck open or on?
    Any leads or what to check for would be great….Thanks

    • Open the coin door, and press the button to enter the diagnostics menu. Check the state of the switches against the manual switch matrix. Sounds to me like one of the opto switches in front of the filing cabinet is failing. There are two optos that sit in front of the filing cabinet, one is to activate the magnet and the other registers the hit on the filing cabinet. If that opto fails (and is now open all the time), it would act like a ball is constantly hitting the filing cabinet.

      The opto might be OK and only need to be realigned (there is a component on each side of the opening – one is the sender and the other is the receiver). These need to be lined up. If they are aligned, you can try cleaning them. If that fails, you will most likely need to replace the LED like I did in the above post.

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