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Not long ago, Starship Fantasy reproduced the large helmet plastic for Bride of Pinbot. When some became available through their distributor here in Australia, I didn’t hesitate to order one for my game. The box then sat on my shelf for a number of months, patiently awaiting the day I’d get around to actually installing it. Finally, that day had come. The original helmet in my game isn’t terrible, but it’s certainly showing signs of age along with some small sections broken where it attaches to the playfield. Since I had put so much effort into the rest of the game, it felt wrong not to grace the Bride with a new helmet.

Bride of Pinbot Repair & Service
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One thing that is common to many X-Files pinball machines is they often have a broken filing cabinet plastic. The cabinet takes a real beating during play since it’s used to unlock one of the two multi ball modes. The plastic doesn’t have much protection and over time it begins to crack and shatter. Sadly, the part is almost impossible to replace. If you do manage to find one, they are often several hundred dollars. When I purchased my X-Files machine, it’s filing cabinet was broken in the lower section. It wasn’t too bad though and I was happy to live with it.

X-Files pinball cabinet
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Recently, a new machine entered my line up – X-Files. Release by SEGA in 1997 with 1500 made, it’s the most modern machine to enter my pinball fleet. As you know by now, I’m not one to just get a machine in and play it. There’s always work to be done cleaning, fixing and tuning my machines. This one is no different and I’ll be working my way through the machine in typical fashion for a full service.

XFiles Pinball Servicing
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The drop target bank has waited, or more accurately, been put off for, long enough. Time to pull the assembly to pieces and clean it all. When I first got the machine home, the 6th and 7th yellow drop targets were broken. I replaced these back in update #2 so I could start a game and test out the switches. At this point, the drop target bank functions correctly. That includes all switches. So this is a good starting point. If I mess anything up in rebuilding the assembly, I’ll know it’s my fault. The plastic, posts and old rubber had been removed awhile back. This photo is also from awhile ago too as you can see all the areas around the drop targets are incomplete (but have since been finished in previous updates).

Counterforce Pinball
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