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Since the playfield swap, Pinbot has been running really well and been a joy to play. Recently though, an error appeared when the machine was switched on. The game detected there were errors with 3 of the switches, and reported them during the start up sequence. They are reported as “switch adjust” errors and the knocker fires off 4 – 5 times for each one. It’s an obnoxious sound, and certainly gets your attention that there is an error. The game reported that there was an error with switches 35, 36 and 37.

Pinbot pinball
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One of the final assemblies to look at on my Last Action Hero is the drop target bank. Located on the left side of the playfield, it contains 5 targets, spelling the word crane. It’s use for the skill shot to begin each ball and also to activate the crane during the game. It gets a fair bit of use during play and I have no doubt can do with a clean.

Last Action Hero pinball
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The drop target bank has waited, or more accurately, been put off for, long enough. Time to pull the assembly to pieces and clean it all. When I first got the machine home, the 6th and 7th yellow drop targets were broken. I replaced these back in update #2 so I could start a game and test out the switches. At this point, the drop target bank functions correctly. That includes all switches. So this is a good starting point. If I mess anything up in rebuilding the assembly, I’ll know it’s my fault. The plastic, posts and old rubber had been removed awhile back. This photo is also from awhile ago too as you can see all the areas around the drop targets are incomplete (but have since been finished in previous updates).

Counterforce Pinball
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I’m really starting to run out of things to do with rebuilding the playfield. The flippers are waiting patiently, but this update will cover the motor which drives the target bank and visor. Truth be told I have put this off. Not sure why exactly, but now is the time. I need to remove the motor, clean it up and also survey any damage to the target bank. To start with though, let’s look at that motor.

It’s in working condition, raising and lowering the playfield when required by the game. So that’s a good start. A quick inspection shows a few bits of blue tape in the area which will need to be looked at (as in – why are they there). Otherwise it just needs a solid clean. I have noticed that the target bank tends to tip to one side while being raised, but I suspect that’s more to do with the target bank assembly itself than the motor.

Pinbot target bank motor start
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The drop targets – one of the final elements of the game to receive my attention. The Nugent playfield has two banks of 3 drop targets. The first set (located on the left of the playfield) control the special bonus (which is an extra ball & 100,000 points). The second is located on the upper right and controls the bonus multiplier (x2, x3 and x5). Both sets are functional, although sometimes it does not detect when all 3 targets have been dropped (more on this later). The blue star decal on all 6 targets is worn and the white has faded over time. There is also some dirt build up on the targets and the assembly under the playfield.

This is how the drop targets looked to start with:

Nugent bonus drop targets
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