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I had the goal of finishing off Funhouse in time for Christmas. I didn’t quite make it. I’ve been keeping myself busy on the repair & service over the last week and am on the final stretch. First thing to look at for this update is the coin door. It’s been on my to do list for awhile now and no more putting it off. The red and orange have long since faded from the artwork and the coin entry housing is a bit scratched up. There is also a section of the decal ripped at the lower left corner of the front panel. When dropping the machine off, the owner asked me to touch this up and possibly paint the red flags and balloons to give it a bit more colour. It’s also missing the coin return housing, which I will need to source.

Funhouse Pinball Repair
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One of the final assemblies to look at on my Last Action Hero is the drop target bank. Located on the left side of the playfield, it contains 5 targets, spelling the word crane. It’s use for the skill shot to begin each ball and also to activate the crane during the game. It gets a fair bit of use during play and I have no doubt can do with a clean.

Last Action Hero pinball
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It’s been awhile since my last update on the progress with the Mariner. Thanks mainly to my skate ramp project which took over my Christmas and New Years holiday time. With the ramp mostly done, it was time to get back to working on this machine and edge it closer to completion. For this update I wanted to look at the pricing plates on the coin door.

Bally Mariner
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