5 comments on “Pinbot Restoration – Visor motor

  1. Nice job on the visor assembly cleanup. I just started my rough Pinbot project and your write up will be very useful when I pull my assembly out to refurbish. Hope it’s not broken up like yours was.

    Most of my decals will need to be replaced. Can you tell me who did yours or do you have scans you would care to share?

    Thank you, Mike

    • Ditto on the request for Visor decal. (top). They sell the lane decals online, and I saw one NOS visor decal on ebay, but it became silly when the bids were $75+ for one decal.

      • That’s a crazy figure to pay. It’s disappointing more have not been made up as I think there is a decent enough demand for them to justify a small run at the very least.

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