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With my holidays just about over, I was keen to complete the last steps of the new side art for X-Files and have the game back online before I returned to work. In the last update, the big tasks were done and it was now a matter of getting everything back onto the cabinet and have the game running. With the cabinet still inside, I installed the side rails, headbox support brackets and buttons next.

X Files Pinball Decals
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I am forever tweaking, adjusting, tuning and upgrading my machines. Some updates are minor, such as a new shooter rod or ramp. While others, like new decals, are much bigger 🙂 It’s X-Files turn to receive some attention. Applying new decals on my X-Files has been on my to do list for at least 12 months now and after organising a new set in November, it was time to get them installed. These are a reproduction and although close, are not 100% accurate. They’re pretty damn good though.

X-Files Pinball New Decals
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A small issue began to appear in my X-Files machine recently and I wanted to share its cause since it’s something that can easily be over looked and maybe is not something the occurs often. One of the playfield insert lamps was becoming intermittent. At the base of the playfield, where the ball drains, there are a set of 7 inserts which light up and animate during play. One of these would occasionally not light up as part of the sequence. Then it became more frequent, until eventually it stopped lighting up at all. Given I had changed all the bulbs to LEDs as part of my rebuild not too long ago, I figured it wasn’t as simple as a blown globe and a quick swap over to solve.

X-Files Pinball
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One thing that is common to many X-Files pinball machines is they often have a broken filing cabinet plastic. The cabinet takes a real beating during play since it’s used to unlock one of the two multi ball modes. The plastic doesn’t have much protection and over time it begins to crack and shatter. Sadly, the part is almost impossible to replace. If you do manage to find one, they are often several hundred dollars. When I purchased my X-Files machine, it’s filing cabinet was broken in the lower section. It wasn’t too bad though and I was happy to live with it.

X-Files pinball cabinet
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Time to wrap up the servicing on my X-Files machine – I’ve missed not being able to play it. At the end of the last update, I was working my way through getting everything back onto the playfield. I had already made good progress getting the lower playfield area done and was chipping away at the upper sections. All the posts had been installed, so the next bits to go back onto the machine were the plastics. All plastics were cleaned (both sides) and polished before being installed again. The right side of the playfield came together first.

XFiles Pinball
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