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It’s time to wrap up the work on my Star Trek 25th Anniversary so I can have it back together and playable. The last section of playfield to look at is the top. This area is home to a set of three pop bumpers and also the ramp raise/lower assembly. The lower pop bumper was missing its cap, but I located this a few weeks earlier at the back of the cabinet. It was quite filthy, so can assume that it’s been lost there for awhile. The ramp is missing the small blue metal flap, which I want to replace.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary
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Batman Forever has been cleaning up really nicely. The game is in excellent condition, which makes my task easier. In this update, i’m now going to work through the last of the playfield assemblies so I can begin getting everything back together for a proper test. That means for this progress report, I’ll be covering the top playfield section. This includes the VUK, ramp diverter and three pop bumper assemblies. I already covered the orbit rail, saucer assembly and upper left and right playfield / plastics in a previous update, so won’t need to worry about those now. There’s a large ramp and rail that will need to be removed first, but from there it should be smooth sailing.

Batman Forever Pinball Repair
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Recently, a new machine entered my line up – X-Files. Release by SEGA in 1997 with 1500 made, it’s the most modern machine to enter my pinball fleet. As you know by now, I’m not one to just get a machine in and play it. There’s always work to be done cleaning, fixing and tuning my machines. This one is no different and I’ll be working my way through the machine in typical fashion for a full service.

XFiles Pinball Servicing
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A slightly annoying issue that has crept into the Space Orbit machine over recent months is the game serving the ball up at game over. You don’t actually get a free ball as it’s in the game over state (so switches & flipper buttons are disabled), but the ball is served up into the shooter lane as it clicks over to game over. It’s not a show stopping issue as you just shoot the ball and watch it drain before starting a new game. But it’s an issue I’d like to get to the bottom of. As you can see here, the game is in the game over state, with the ball sitting in the shooter lane.

Space Orbit Pinball
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The Counterforce to do list is beginning to thin out and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) having it knocked over in the next few weeks. Although as it turns out, in this update, I do a few extra things I had originally decided not to – but it’s worth the time. First on the hit list for this update is the pop bumpers. They need a proper service. I think they are many, many years over due for one. There are two pop bumpers located on the playfield and at first glance, they have been well worn over the years. The caps have some sticky crap attached to the top of them. The decoration is wearing and there is some serious playfield wear below the (once clear) platters.

Counterforce Pinball
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