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I’m long overdue for an update on my PINBOT 2.0 project. It’s been moving slower than I had hoped, but there’s no real rush here. Also, for a 2.0 project like this, a lot of time gets spent on code and it’s not easy to translate that into interesting posts for people to read. But there are some interesting things to cover 🙂 Thanks to a mate of mine, I’ve been able to source a P-ROC board on loan which will allow me to move the project from my desktop PC into the physical machine to actually test! This is very exciting to say the least! I’m on the look out to buy my own though as I’ll eventually need one – but for now this will do.

Pinbot 2.0 Homebrew

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Fixing never ends when it comes to pinball and it’s just an accepted part of being an owner. Due to working from home until COVID-19 is behind us, I’m spending more time with my games during break periods. I switched my SWEP1 machine on last week for a few games as it had been sitting idle for awhile and noticed that the sound was not right. Specifically, some sound effects were quieter than others. I put the game into test mode and ran the audio diagnostics. I found that there ware no sounds coming from from the left speaker. Only the right speaker and sub were working. My thoughts were that it’s either the PRISM card, sound amp board, or the speaker. I did the standard cable reseat at the back of the PC first, but the problem remained. I then opened up the PC and reseated the cable running from the sound board to the PRISM card. Again, the problem remained.

Star Wars Episode One
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The last few updates I’ve done have been rather small.. It’s time for a jumbo picture update. In this post, I’m turning my attention to the door of the headbox (something you don’t often see covered in restore threads, so I’m glad to be covering it). It requires a decent clean and there are a few issues I need to investigate (I’ll get into as I go along). I also want to sort out the translite and glass with the aim of getting the backglass installed too. The main thing I wanted to do though is clean the door and head to remove as much of the dust that had built up over the years. Once I started on this path though, it ended up being a bigger job than I had originally thought.

The starting point – the door.

Pinbot head door
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A few more bits arrived today (recent eBay purchases).

First up is the speaker and grill. It’s 10cm x 10cm in size (4″) and about 28mm in height, 5W 8 OHM. I may decided to put a larger speaker in to the final build of the cab, but I think this should be fine to start with. The Grill is made of a high impact plastic and roughly 12.5cm in size. This set me back around $9 (which included postage). The only issue I have is the connectors are slightly bigger than those running off the JAMMA harness. So i’m going to have to modify the connector on the harness to get it hooked up.
Speaker and grill

Secondly is a lock for the cab door. This will go on the front. I will be building something of a custom coin door. The plan is to have most of the cab built into the door, so using a proper coin door is out of the question (I’ve probably mentioned that already). This should do nicely. There are a variety of sizes available – this one is 23mm. It set me back around $5.
Coin door lock