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It’s time to once again dive into a pile of trash pinball parts and see what sort of gems I can uncover. This lot of pinball spare parts (or crap box as it’s also termed) cost under $16AU. There wasn’t anything in the original photos that caught my eye, I just wanted more spare parts available at hand for my projects. So, let’s have a look.

Pinball parts
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The last few updates I’ve done have been rather small.. It’s time for a jumbo picture update. In this post, I’m turning my attention to the door of the headbox (something you don’t often see covered in restore threads, so I’m glad to be covering it). It requires a decent clean and there are a few issues I need to investigate (I’ll get into as I go along). I also want to sort out the translite and glass with the aim of getting the backglass installed too. The main thing I wanted to do though is clean the door and head to remove as much of the dust that had built up over the years. Once I started on this path though, it ended up being a bigger job than I had originally thought.

The starting point – the door.

Pinbot head door
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