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This update took much longer than I expected it would, but finally the headbox has been patched and repainted. Outside of some cosmetic damage, the headbox is in good condition. While the artwork was faded in parts and there was some minor damage to the wood, it was at least strong and stable. Unlike the Fireball Classic I recently restored, the Pinbot cabinet artwork is painted on with the use of stencils. A full set are available at TwistedPins and Santa managed to deliver a set to me during the Xmas period and it was time to put them to use.

I’m going to break the process up into two parts. Firstly i’ll do the headbox, which will then be followed by the cabinet. To begin with, I removed the stencils from the packaging and flattened them out. There are two stencils per side – one for the red/orange colour and the second for the yellow. It also comes with a set of instructions which are not complicated – just common sense really.

Pinbot pinball
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The end is in sight for the installation of my new Fireball Decals. The headbox was completed a few weeks ago. The right side was completed last week and now this week, it’s time to knock the left side over. This includes a new side rail to finish the cabinet off nicely. The left side decal was in a similar condition to the right with the colours badly faded. The condition of the cabinet was better though and less damage to patch up.

Fireball Pinball
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One of the first tasks I wanted to complete was restoring the metal brackets used on the exterior of the Pole Position machine.
The are three metal brackets in total that needed some attention. The first sits above bezel holding the screen acrylic in place. The second sits at the base of the rear tinted acrylic holding it in place. The final sits at the back, covering a wood join. These all had chipped paint and one had some rust setting in. The screws holding them in place were also getting some rust and had lost their nice black appearance. So time to strip them back and repaint!

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