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An area of the playfield I’ve been looking forward to working on is the mini playfield and the pop bumpers that live beneath it. I’ll also take the opportunity here to look at the bank of 5 stationary targets that sit just to the left of the pop bumpers. It’s going to be a long update I think and lots of photos to look through. So hopefully you hang in until the end 🙂 The starting point is good. All plastics and posts are there. The mini playfield itself is in one piece, although I can see some small cracks at a few point that will need to be looked at.

Pinbot mini playfield start
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The parts I had been waiting on finally arrived for the sling shots. Actually the shipping wait wasn’t very long, I’ve just been looking forward to servicing this area of the playfield as the parts had been removed from the playfield within the first few days of having the machine home – but there were higher priorities to sort out first.

The starting point – All parts present, accounted for and thankfully, working. The right plastic is actually attached in the wrong position. It should be located directly above the shooter lane, but it’s been relocated attached to the outlane post. This is because (I assume) a small section has snapped off where the second screw would attach it. No matter, I’ve got an idea on how I can attach this securely.

Pinbot sling shots start
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What better way to spend a rainy Sunday than to do some work on a loved pinball machine 🙂

Despite being slowed down a little as I build up funds for the next bulk parts order, there is still plenty of things to do meanwhile. They’re not always exciting, but it’s always forward motion to the end goal – getting this machine 100% and looking great. Today I wanted to look at the shooter.

Pinbot Shooter Assembly start
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