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Progress on Harley has been traveling along really smoothly over the last couple of weeks to the point where I’m closing in on the final playfield assemblies to service. The first area to look at in this update is the pop bumpers, which will also include the scoop which sits just in front of them. There should be a plastic Harley sign that sits vertically on top of the scoop that has been broken off some time in the past. The pop bumpers are filthy and overdue for a full rebuild.

Harley Davidson Pinball Repair
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I can always tell the level of enjoyment I get working on a machine by how much it consumes my free time. Funhouse has been consuming a lot of my free time over the last few weeks which means progress has been good. So I’m back again with the third update. In this update, I’ll be focusing on the playfield area (and assemblies) in the middle stretch of the playfield. This includes the right scoop, pop bumpers and left upper flipper. There are various plastics and metal posts that will need to be removed and cleaned. There is also a ramp that runs below the playfield connecting other assemblies to the scoop which I’ll remove and clean too.

Funhouse Pinball
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I’ve been having a lot of fun playing my Last Action Hero since it’s arrival. I’m not sure how it rates as a game among the pinball community, but I’ve found it to be really enjoyable and it’s a welcome entry to my Pinball fleet. My previous update focused mostly on small cosmetic things but in update #2, I’m starting to look at cleaning the assemblies to get the game running at an optimal level. First thing on my radar this time is the single scoop, located on the right side of the playfield.

Last Action Hero Pinball
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