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I’m close to posting my next progress update on my Gottlieb Counterforce, but wanted to do a short post about the broken display and it’s repair. When I first started the Counterforce project, I showed how on one of the displays was broken. The first leg connecting the glass to the pcb had broken away from the glass. The break occurred on the inside (or just on the edge) and I could not repair the connection without cutting away some of the glass. So this task was put on the to do list for later on.

Counterforce Pinball
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Time to take a short break from posting about pinball machine repairs and restoration and instead write a short post on replacing the battery in a Playstation Vita console. Fixing my Vita has been on the to do list for quite some months and finally the replacement battery arrived last week. Time to see if I can fix this. What lead me to this point? One day I noticed my Vita no longer charged when plugged in. When the Vita is switched off, the Playstation button should glow orange when it is charging – this no longer happened. When the Vita is running, the battery icon should change to a charging battery icon and this no longer occurred either. When trying to charge it, the orange light would come on for about a second and then turn off again. The battery ended up running out and I could no longer play it 🙁

Playstation vita battery replacement
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