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Time to take a short break from posting about pinball machine repairs and restoration and instead write a short post on replacing the battery in a Playstation Vita console. Fixing my Vita has been on the to do list for quite some months and finally the replacement battery arrived last week. Time to see if I can fix this. What lead me to this point? One day I noticed my Vita no longer charged when plugged in. When the Vita is switched off, the Playstation button should glow orange when it is charging – this no longer happened. When the Vita is running, the battery icon should change to a charging battery icon and this no longer occurred either. When trying to charge it, the orange light would come on for about a second and then turn off again. The battery ended up running out and I could no longer play it 🙁

Playstation vita battery replacement
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Earlier in the week I had planned to “fix” the battery holder on the MPU board. My initial thought was to rip the 3 x AA holder off the board and replace it with either a lithium holder + button battery, or install a remote AA battery holder to avoid any possible acid damage in the future.

Pinbot battery holder
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