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It’s time to finish off my Fireball Classic restoration. When I started my Xmas / New Year holidays, I had the goal of finishing this off before I went back to work. Looks like I’ll get there with a day to spare. With the presentation of the machine completed in my last update, I wanted to address the last few operational issues with the machine. The first thing to look at is the MPU board. As mentioned a few times in earlier updates, the MPU board has suffered from corrosion. A battery left in way too long managed to spread damage all around the outer edges on three sides of the board and it had begun to work its way in at the components. Damage was also done to the J4 pins and even the female connector pins on this plug.

I was able to obtain a second hand original Bally MPU board in excellent condition with no corrosion damage at all. The male pins at J1, J2, J3 and J4 were all replaced, along with new 5101 RAM and a lithium battery to ensure there is no risk of battery damage in the future. This one came from a Baby Pacman machine I’m told. New game ROMs were also burned and installed.

Fireball Classic Pinball
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Earlier in the week I had planned to “fix” the battery holder on the MPU board. My initial thought was to rip the 3 x AA holder off the board and replace it with either a lithium holder + button battery, or install a remote AA battery holder to avoid any possible acid damage in the future.

Pinbot battery holder
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Quick update.

Pulled the MPU board out tonight to fix the language jumper. The board is in pretty good condition (both back and front).

I plan to remove the AA battery holder and replace it with either a remote holder or a lithium battery holder on the board. Probably the next thing I’ll do.

Pinbot MPU board
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