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First task on the to do list after my last update was test the carry switches on all score reels for each player. Previously, I tested that the score reels all advanced when the 10, 100 and 1000 point relays were manually triggered. These work and the score reels advance. This testing was done in game over / attract mode, so only the 1000 point carry switch could be tested. I now wanted to expand my testing to check the carry switch on the 10’s and 100’s too. These can only be tested with a game started. I finished the last update with the machine successfully running a game – so I’m was ready to begin.

Mariner Pinball
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About a week ago, a replacement Capacitor kit arrived in the mail for the power supply board. Great Plains Electronics sells a number of kits for Williams power supplies (among other things). The caps on the power board were old so I was keen to replace them with brand news ones.

Pinbot powerboard
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