2 comments on “Bally Mariner – Repair and Service Log #3

  1. Nice job finding the problem!

    I find it odd that Bally had a coil stay energized to keep the post down. I was just working on my Williams Stardust lamp post and it is basically identical, except where those two empty screw holes are on your Bally mounting plate there is an extra coil, switch, and plate on the Williams game. When the big solenoid pulls the post down, it physically locks in place, and the second coil and plate release it to pop back up. The switch lets the game know the state the post is in. Nothing stays energized that way. It seems like a simpler, less coil burning solution, but I guess Bally wanted to save on parts.

    Be patient on the 100/1000 bell. I had to wait a couple of years before I was able to get one for less than 20 dollars. I don’t know why people remove them in the first place. It’s not like EM games are whisper quiet just because they don’t have bells in them. 🙂

    • I too found the set up strange as it seems like a sure fire way to burn the coil up. The setup you detail on your Stardust is what I was expecting to have seen. I saw a very similar set up to control the ramp on Pinbot. One coil to charge and lift the ramp to lock it in place. With a second coil to release the latch and lower the ramp. No constant charge to any coils. It’s a nice solution, so not sure why Bally didn’t include it here. I’ve been told that on machines that were originally exported (to countries like Germany and Italy), they were shipped without bells. Not sure why, but seems it was common. The 100/1000 point bell was never installed on my Mariner which would support this theory. I can see where it was designed to go, but no screw holes in the headbox and also the coil wire has not been touched. Completely agree on the noise level though – an EM without bells (or chimes) just isn’t the same though as it’s a huge part of the charm 😉 I’ll keep looking though. Pinball Resource sell Gottlieb versions that can be converted, so I may end up going that route.

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