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About a week ago, a replacement Capacitor kit arrived in the mail for the power supply board. Great Plains Electronics sells a number of kits for Williams power supplies (among other things). The caps on the power board were old so I was keen to replace them with brand news ones.

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When I had settled on using the 60 in 1 JAMMA board, I found I had multiple options for my power supply. There are the standard switching power supplies used in arcade cabs, and there was also support for the older style PC (AT) power supplies. There is a connector right there on the board for 12V straight from the power supply. Most people had told me it was cheaper to just use an old PC power supply. I had a hunt around, but was unable to come up with one. I did find a few, but most were priced similar (slightly cheaper) than the switching power supplies. So because of that, I decided to use a standard switching power supply. Another thing of note too is I believe you can use the newer style ATX power supplies, but you need to short out a couple of the wires. If you are looking to lower costs on your build, getting a cheap power supply is a way to cut $20 – $30 off your final build cost.

Power supply

These are all screw connectors – which is great since I’m using a JAMMA harness. The harness wires for the power are all fork connectors, which will connect up with this easily. This one set me back $35, which included postage. It was an eBay purchase, although many online stores like OzStick and GameDude have them. Also if you are planning to have gun games, I believe you need a 3v connection – which is only available on some power supplies. So it’s worth making sure the power supply you get will power everything in your cab.