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It’s been awhile since my last update on my Pole Position cockpit restoration. With some Christmas holidays on my side, I decided to start working towards completion. Over the last few months I had been gathering the last bits I needed to complete the project. The artwork arrived, the paint was purchased and a few minor parts were sourced. There was still quite a bit to do on the machine, so I decided to split the remaining work into two sections – basically the front half and back half of the cockpit.

To start with, I decided to focus on the back half of the cockpit and get that 100% complete.

The first step was to fix up the broken corners on both side panels. These had broken off at some point in the past – maybe by vandals, maybe just from movement between owners or locations. Anyway, some builders bog came in handy here to redo the curved corner. Once it had set, I used the router to cut a new t moulding slot (not shown).

Broken corner fixed
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Another minor update.

I got the acrylic from AB Plastics – the same place I went with on my last cab. My experience this time was not as positive. I let them have the control panel itself to get a good idea of the bend required for the acrylic overlay and try to get the measurements as close as possible. What I got back was damaged artwork as they bent the hot acrylic over it. I also decided to spend a little extra at the time and get them to cut all the holes for me, saving me a few nights worth of work. Several holes were not cut correctly, and the ones on the front panel (P1, P2 start and 4 bolt holes) did not line up correctly. I was able to fix it myself with some small files, but honestly, I’ve paid extra for the labor, I expect the job to be done correctly.

With the fixed up acrylic overlay, I set up the control panel:

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