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Today, I finally completed the project. After having the machine split in 2 (thus unplayable) for so many months, I put the finishing touches on the front half today and joined it all back up for a game.

The first step was to remove the existing decals from both the left and right front panels. As it was, some of the decals had already come off. In some places there were chips missing from the side panels and even what look like burn marks (assuming cigarette).

Left panel start
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I finally got around to completing the project this weekend.

Last week I organised the glass place to measure and cut the glass top for me. I also had some small DK marquees printed up, which will sit under the glass on the table top. These were simply done at BigW at $3 each.

DK Marquee
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Tonight saw my Galaga cab project come to an end. The final touches done, and it’s ready to bring home. Firstly, the internal wiring was tidied up. The ‘step’ at the back encloses the 240V in (from the IEC switch, through the fuse, to the EMI filter and varistor and then to the powerboard. The powerboard supplies power to the marquee light and switcher. The small cube at the back is the earthing block. I’m really happy with how tidy it looks. There is plenty of room in there.

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