2 comments on “Sopranos – Repair & Service Log #1

  1. Hi I have a Sopranos Pinball, and the dancers do not turn anymore, any tips on figuring out the problem?

    • Hi Kevin,

      First thing to check is the motor below the playfield. From memory it uses a rubber belt to spin the two dancers. This belt can become hard and even break over time which result in the dancers not moving when the motor is running. Remove the balls from the game and lift the playfield. Check the belt is still attached to the motor. Also ensure any connectors from the motor are plugged in correctly. If all looks good, switch the game on and enter test mode. You can engage the motor from the coil menu. There may be a dedicated test option for the motor – I can’t remember. Check that when you engage the motor from the test menu that the motor itself engages. Even if the belt is still there, it may have become too hard and no longer grip well enough to spin the dancers. In this case you can just use a playfield rubber to replace it or buy a goodie bag like this that has a replacement band: https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/sop-01.html

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