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Something no pinball owner wants to see when they take the backglass off their machine is a set of bleeding batteries. The damage they cause can be fixable, but is often expensive either with board repairs or replacement boards. This is preventable with regular changing of the batteries, but is something so easily forgotten. (photo courtesy of peakpinball.com)

Pinball remote battery pack
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After finishing work on Baywatch recently and sending the machine on its way back home to the owner, it was time to advance to the next game in the queue. Only this time it’s not one, but two machines, making this a double repair & service log for The Sopranos. I have to admit – I’ve never watched the show and haven’t really been interested in it. But the game looks like it’s got some fun shots and lots of things to do during play. The owner of these machines will be keeping one (the machine on the right) and the other will be sold once my work on it is complete. Working on two of the same game at the same time makes sense as it saves the owner money in parts postage and also some time as I can do the same task on both machines together. Similar to my other threads, this isn’t a restore, but the game will be pulled apart, cleaned, serviced and rebuilt. Broken and worn parts will be replaced. Missing parts will be sourced where possible and anything interesting will be pointed out. The games arrived to me mostly working, with only a few minor faults to address before I get stuck in to them. They are in reasonably good condition (mainly dirty) – so should come up looking great for the owner once done.

Sopranos Pinball Repair
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I’ve been conveniently putting this off for awhile now, but time to get some connectors repinned. Earlier posts for this project showed two lovely hack jobs on some connectors. The first appears on the J8 connectors on the power supply board.

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