3 comments on “Playball – Repair Log #1

  1. I just picked up Playball in very rough shape and can’t seem to get the lockbar off. It has a center lever that moves freely (maybe too easily) but it has not impact on the bar. That seems to still be locked despite moving the lever. Do you remember how that lockbar worked?

    Thanks & Merry Christmas

    • You should only need to move the lever (From memory to the left) to unlock the lockdown bar. The Space Orbit I owned a few years ago had a lockdown bar installed that was not made for the machine and as a result was very difficult to remove. I felt like I was going to break it every time I had to remove it. It could be the lockdown bar on your playball is from a different game and a very tight fit. It could also be the locking mechanism is broken if the arm is moving too freely. You could try using a phone to take photos inside the coin door or even a video to see what sort of movement is happening when you shift the lever left and right. Getting the angle right for the photos and video might be a challenge, but might be worth a shot if you’re still not having any luck with it.

  2. Thanks Andrew for the article.im learning EM pinrepair and appreciate your aticle,as I’ve learned a couple so called ,( need to knows).especially if hold relay does not activate,tilt and reset relays will trip.i hope you publish more articles like this,with more lessons,( need to knows),and pics in the future.again thank you.pinballBrian.pinsider.

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